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                Every Siberian Husky fan has at some point in their life had a close encounter with a certain "Siberian" and from that moment on, has developed a desire. This desire includes a part of our life occupied by our very own Siberian Husky. My story was no different. It began years ago, in my friends apartment as I visited by accident. As from nowhere, a black and white hairy monster appeared and even tough I'm not afraid of dogs, there was a sense of fear. My friend laughed and told me that this was another friends dog in heat and it was staying with her, and was completely harmless...

                I bravely sat on a chair at the kitchen table and shortly after got a dog head in my lap with that "give me some love" expression. From that moment on I was "bought" for all times. This dog was one of the first if not the first Husky in Zagreb do we are talking about times long ago.

                Years after, on the 22nd March1991 our first Husky was born. He was named Merlin The Magician Of DS Ranch and was a true magician. He made our life richer and more beautiful. Together we discovered a brave new world of dog shows, winning and loosing, new friendly faces and friends...
                After Merlin, there was Scabiosa Savitri and then the registration of Discworld kenell and finaly, on 29th September 1997 we had our first litter of little, sweet, playfull Huskyes...
                Than Life mixed up the card and for some time to come we were without a Husky in our lives...
                Thank's to Discworld May Shine, called Niki, our life is once again filled with dog hair, some yowling (when not "satisfied with the service"), love and attention. Our world is once again inhibited by a Siberian Husky: Honeybay, Niki's daughter, granddaughter of Merlin and Savitri.


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